- Tuesday, November 23, 2004

07:12 pm - Something i wrote...
…And so I write. Type. Whatever. Type seems to lack in poetry, but I guess we have to find our own in an age where technology rules. That and advertising… And fashion… And sex. It seems a shame that it all so often goes sour, or gets outdated. So you're left single, feeling a little empty and laughed at for still sporting last seasons threads and an empty wallet. And wasn’t it just to impress that amazing person who is now dating a younger model?

To me, it just goes on and on. Everyone chasing one ego boost after another. Who do you do it for? You? Or the ever elusive fan club we all know we have out there? It sounds so damn simple when you say to someone 'Hollywood' style, “look inside yourself”. It also sounds so corny and stupid! But it’s a scary thought. Once you stop looking at the magazines, billboards and your portfolio, and you catch a flashing glimpse of within, most of us shy away and look for more materialism. One massive distraction from the one thing you should care about the most. Your Soul. Spirit. The only thing you have left when everything else is out of fashion or too expensive. And let me make an ‘educated’ guess. No one likes looking inwards voluntarily because every time you’ve had to in the past is when you’ve hit rock bottom and you ‘look’ a mess. But its only like that because no one ‘has the time’ to clean up a mess unless its falling off the shelves on top of you. Gosh i love analogies...

One of the greatest passions in my life is animals. They fascinate me. Watching them, listening to them. Reading about them. Watching hours of ‘The Trials of Life’ as a child. I was incredibly lucky to grow up on a small property and I hope, if I ever have the privilege of a family, to raise my children the same way. I have learnt some of the greatest lessons from animals. Don’t get me wrong… Ive learnt some amazing ones from people too. But lessons from people always seem to be hard… One that happens to end in mass genocide. Or the extinction of a rare and beautiful creature we’ve hunted out. Or one we haven’t even discovered yet! Drug overdoses. Car accidents. Divorce. Ignorance… It doesn’t really paint a pretty picture does it?

As a child, I know I could see and appreciate the simple things in life. I believe all children can. Then as we grow into society, other things become far too important to notice those special things. Besides, Its just not trendy to be seen pointing out an unusual butterfly or watching the clouds for a few moments. So we don’t. And we forget. Something that totally blows my mind is that everyday, there is a sunrise and a sunset that so many people miss! And every single one is different. Always! How could you want to miss such a display everyday! Well, most of us don’t have time. And I can relate to that. But we all have the same amount of time. 24hrs. 7 days. I guess its how we use it. Sometimes, I find that 5 mins in my day watching the sun go down in a winter sky fills me with enough hope.

I used to care when I got laughed at for noticing little things. Sometimes I still do. Mostly now I am sad that others wont see them. Somehow, simple beauty makes people nervous. Maybe because its of the same essence as the Spirit. Perhaps seeing true physical beauty frightens some because it’s a reflection of the beauty within… And the neglect.
Even as I write, I see the things in my life that I have become lax about. Mostly things to do with my physical and emotional wellbeing. Its too easy to say fuck it… Its only my body. Well, you cant get another one…

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