Trust and Communication

- Friday, February 18, 2011
Recently loaded an image onto my redbubble page titled Mutual Trust. It has inspired me to look more deeply into the topic. Whilst we all seem to rate trust as an important ingredient in being human I question how strong our trust is.

The way I see it most of us only trust until we are rejected or hurt. Then we tend to cover over our pain and put up protective walls to being hurt again. In general I do not believe that many humans have a strong trust for life. This does touch on our belief in God and creation. Unfortunatly it would seem that religion has been the messenger of God. However I see that much of religion is about preaching and controlling rather than open communication.

If there is a God I would imagine he would be secure within himself. That he would have no need to control or protect. That he would be open to communication and would not be hurt by the rejection or questioning of others. Further if he did feel he had made a mistake or was confused about something I believe he would honestly communicate this.

If our religions, governments, parents ect were more God like then we would be raised to create a very different human experience. As I see it all humans have been hurt yet try to pretend that they have let it go. However unless the hurt is embraced and understood I believe it stays stored inside. Further that it at least unconsciously erodes our faith in life, self and others.

If we are ever to truly be trustworthy people then we must accept our own vulnerability and pain. To then communicate this transparently with our own internal dialogue. Then if our life experiences and fellow humans put us in a position where our inner pain is touched upon to not pretend that we are strong.

As I see it one of the main issues with parenting and authority figures is that few are prepared to admit to their weakness. The same scenario also seems to play out amongst human peers. We are so desperate to be liked and accepted that we often are not honest in our relationships.

So perhaps the best way to begin creating a trusting world is for each individual to be honest. This doesn't mean offending each other. It does mean being prepared to go deep inside and embrace what we find there. From this place to communicate with each other in a way where we can collectivly try to understand the aspects of life that are jointly feared and mis understood.

I believe that if individuals and especially authority figures live from an honest place that trust will be felt. Further that the more honesty and trust there is the less energy there will be to fuel violence and abuse. Once we have managed to lessen such destructive behaviour then perhaps more people will truly begin to have a faith in creation.

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