Transparent Photography

- Sunday, May 09, 2010

In photography I realized clearly in a recent shoot how much I value people who are present. People who are free from any need to protect their vulnerabilities. People who do not pedestal the camera result over the joy of the moment. So many people have fallen for the trap of taking life as life and death rather than a creation for enjoyment. However to fully be free and enjoy a game we must learn the rules and skills.

When people carry past fear into relationships they are not  playing the game with integrity. They are blocking enjoyment for the other person. However if we were transparent rather than protective we could communicate our fear. In this way we could collectively start to understand the rules and skills of the game of life.

When I teach photography some of the photographers are absorbed with their camera. They stress over focus and manual settings and a host of other things. When they do this they are not connecting with the moment or the subject. Also many models and photographic subjects are absorbed with appearances rather than being in the moment. They place importance on the camera click and lose connection to the photographer.

I see that much of human relationship is dominated by a fear of loss or of looking stupid. We are born into a world that is already confused and a world that chooses to pretend that it isn’t confused. Therefore most of us once hurt or confused tend to robotically get drawn into self absorption. This then disconnects us from other people and our own hearts. This process then creates material proof that life isn’t sacred and abundant.

However I see that photography can be a great example of how wonderful life can be when the photographer/model relationship is transparent. When both parties respect the process and accept any vulnerability the resultant photo can be so empowering to any who view it. When I see a photo where the model is respecting the moment it portrays to me the truth of life and relationship. No matter if the expression and energy is happy or sad so long as it is a true reflection of the person’s inner state I see it as positive.

We are all born into this life of humanity and relationship. We have all felt pain and rejection and confusion. We have also all been punished by others when we have made mistakes. However we all have a choice to understand our hurt or to become victims and try to protect ourselves from future hurt. However in choosing the latter we just disconnect from trust and truth and place a barrier between ourselves and those we encounter in life.

I have made a choice to go as deep as possible into life as I believe that the truth of life is that it is for joy and fulfillment. So whilst I do feel extreme fear, rejection and hate at times I always search these feelings for the reasons for them. The more reasons I find the less confused I become with life. And the less confused I am the more free I am to enjoy my relationships on every level. From this place I begin to create pictures and experiences that reflect my heart rather than the world I was born into.

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