Sue Ellen - Gym and Aesthetics

- Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hey Tony,

I have just re read the why women philosophy, and i have to admit that after
reading it the first time, i stopped looking at these women and wishing that
i had what they had, and just stopped to appreciate their beauty. And it
has helped me be happier and more confident in what i do have.

I will never stop excercising though! I now try to embrace health and
fitness as a way to live a well balanced life, not to try and make myself
look like someone else. I also understand why you advised me against saving
up for a boob job! I get it now. Thankyou!

You are totally right though, we are never happy with what we have been
given, and if women (and men) were happy i think we would all be much
happier mentally by accepting what we have been given.

There is so much pressure on people these days to look like something that
is almost impossible to achieve. Working in a gym, i see every day that
both men and women are affected by this. Women aspire to be a size 8 like
all the Hollywood A listers. They come into the gym and 99 out of 100 women
will have one particular famous person that they aspire to look like. They
start coming to the gym four days a week and go too hard too soon. They are
practically starving themselves and are living on supplements to help them
lose weight. Four weeks go by and they dont see the quick results they
wanted to see and they get discouraged, lose interest, and put on double the
weight they lost. The same goes with the guys. They meassure their social
status by how "big" they are. So many take steroids, but dont do their
research properly and they end up retaining rediculous amounts of fluid and
they are putting so much preassure on their bodys. They dont realise the
long term damage they are doing to themselves.

Anyway sorry to get on my soap box about it, but i see it day in and out and
it really does my head in. It has really taught me to be happy with myself,
and not judge my self worth by my dress size.

Have a great week!


Aspiring model

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