Sacred Prostitutes

- Sunday, December 28, 2008

I watched a video the other night titled 'The Sacred Prostitute'. It was a fascinating programme and resonated with many things I feel deeply about.

Evidently in Egyptian times there were temples where women with Goddess qualities were available for sex. However this sex was not even closely associated to what we deem sex these days. They were highly skilled at their craft and were very passionate and humble in their duties. Their role was to bring people closer to the Divine Being within themselves.

Personally I believe every human should aim to be passionate and humble in any activity or relationship. Doctors, lawyers, cleaners, musicians, parents ect should in my opinion be fully meditated on the people they are in relationship with. How many of us feel drained when in contact with a person who so obviously doesn't enjoy their job or their time with us?

To my mind sex and physical intimacy is the most powerful activity of any human relationship. However there is so little freedom with the act of sex. As children it is hidden from us and as adults we are bombarded with conflicting messages. Further whilst sex is encouraged for marriage and committed relationships so few in these positions of life seem to have passionate or honest sex. Further from my experience in brothels I have found that many of the workers are far from sacred in their employment. They seem to judge themselves and their clients. Where the ancient sacred prostitutes were unconditional healers today's sex workers seem to hurt as much as heal.

I would love to have been able to experience time with the Ancient Egyptian Prostitutes. I believe humans should seek out the Divine within themselves and share this purity with each other rather than protecting themselves from each other. That we should be open to trust and relate to each other as equals.Of course in today's society my ideal of pure acting people especially in sex is a long shot. We seem to be a society conditioned to believe more in competition, survival and protection than really open communication.

However wouldn't it be wonderful if the freedom and magic could return to sex. That people started to be unconditional with each other and instead of controlling only wished to allow each other to feel as beautiful as possible. There are certain spiritual massage services such as Lomi Lomi that are at least partly spreading unconditional intimate love. However for people to become truly empowered again by sex we all need to search the mind conditioning that has blocked our most sacred activity.

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