Leap of Faith

Matt Bottos - Saturday, February 19, 2005

I have been endeavouring of late to develop a strong faith in fate. Yesterday morning I walked past the spot where Alick Wickham made his jump and remembered a jump that I had made recently. [Alick Wickham is the guy who in 1918 jumped 210 feet into a river near my house in front of 70,000 people - this website was named from this inspiration]

It was on holidays in Merimbula and took place at the end of my first scuba diving experience. I jumped from a wharf into the water and whilst it was not overly high [about 30 feet] it did take some willpower for me to go ahead.

Once I was in the air and looked down it did seem to look much higher. However given I was airborne my fate was out of my hands. In this moment I felt a complete release. No longer did I have a need to worry about control. The strange thing is that this was a very liberating feeling.

I have read stories about people who have faced near death experiences where they too felt at peace.. Where they had accepted imminent death and as such lost their fear of loss.

Could it be that we are so confused about survival and death that we become desperate for control of our lives? Would we feel immediately better if we stopped trying to control outcomes and just accepted what life brings us?

I also believe that we should look at what motivates us in our goals. Are we basing our targets on what our soul wants or what we think society will reward us for?

Either way I believe it is important to be open to at least believing in fate. To release our righteousness and accept what life brings us with an open mind.If a certain event does not go as we had planned it is not beneficial to play the victim and sulk. I believe that we should relax our minds and search the event for a knowledge base that releases us from fear and spite. In this way we evolve through life with a clearer perspective.

For many years I felt that I knew exactly how my life should unfold. I was so sure that I became angered every time that someone or something didnt play along with my perceived direction of my life. These days I endeavour to accept what life presents and accept that perhaps the outcome will be more beneficial to me than the one I desired initially. To have the faith and patience to let things unfold.

When I manage to stay true to this process I find that I am far less stressed. When I am free from being dependant upon a specific outcome I find that fear is almost non existent. Once my fear is gone I find that my mind is far more alert. I am free from the kaos of worry and seem to possess a wisdom that I never knew existed.

I suppose this is the key. By accepting the existence of fate I lose fear and in losing fear gain wisdom and composure. With wisdom and composure I then feel like I have control anyway. That I am not a victim and am jointly directing my life with a very powerful and pure partner.

The following is an added thought on 5.3.05

If we do believe in fate then we need to acertain what sort of force fate is to us. If we decide that fate is a good force then we should look at our lives without fear. If fate deals us what appears to be a bad experience there must be a reason. Why would a good force treat us badly for no reason. Life is a gift and fate is the powerful and pure force that allows us to learn how to live this gift to the fullest.

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