- Sunday, September 25, 2005

Modern society really does seem to judge the bible and certainly seems to judge and perhaps not even believe in God. Either way we seem to have a very wide range of reactions, thoughts and fears about both God and the Bible.

In fact these days we seem to create many Gods in many different areas of life. We have Hollywood stars, music Gods, financial powerhouses, political leaders, gurus, and the list goes on and on. We also have the tall poppy syndrome where we try to pull down the various Gods that we at some time or others in the present time have put on pedestals.

How is it that we all seem to be so confused about life? We all seem to favour looking outside of ourselves to find the answers. Is this the wrong thing to do? Should we all just look within for spiritual peace and forget about listening to others or looking for their approval. Well I think that the answer to this is as complex as God him or herself.

I truly believe that we should start to practise opening our minds up fully. To listen to everyone and take nothing as gospel. To take in all of the information that comes our way from all sources and then go within. I am now starting to believe that we can find our modern day Bible simply by ceasing all judgement. The funny paradox with this would be to also have another look at the Bible but to not take all it's information as Gospel.

I truly believe that judgement brings with it guilt and that guilt restricts our learning of the truth. I have for most of my life ranked and judged all those around me. I have attempted to impress some and look down at others. I tried very much to listen to everyone but even whilst appearing to listen was judging the speaker. I am now trying to fully listen to everyone. To look at everyone as an equal and to look at everyone as teachers.

I feel that most of us speak from truth and from fear dependant upon who we are talking to and what mood we are in. Therefor I now try to take in all of the information I hear but to not take any as Gospel even though there is absolute Gospel truth in all of it. If someone is calm and rational when they tell me something and it feels right to me in my gut feeling I tend to believe what I hear. If I am at peace within myself there is every chance that this information is Gospel.

When someone tells me something and I feel anger I now search the anger for the reason for the emotion. Sometimes I find the person's words touched a nerve in me and I then learn why I have the nerve. Other times I search their words and realise that they have spoken from fear and hurt. That beneath their words and emotions is a greater truth. Either way I search for the real Gospel. Some of the most angry and insecure people have given me the most real and truthful information. I just had to go to my deepest place to decode their words.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that every person has the ability to create and believe in their own Bible. By taking in as much information as possible without judgement we can all uncover the truth. Once we all trust the wisdom that we all contain we can learn to believe in God and Life by just being open to the messages that we are all trying to give to each other.

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