God in a Woman's Vagina

- Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Could God be found in a woman’s vagina? Whilst this sounds like a controversial or silly statement I believe it has some merit. My personal belief is that God is to be found in the most powerful of experiences. That he is housed at the depth of the most powerful feeling sensations.

I believe that sex is the most powerful experience in relationship and that a woman’s vagina is perhaps the most sensitive part of any human’s body. However this does not mean a man cannot share in this power as long as he is humble and free with the women he touches. However as it stands many women seem to be protective of their bodies and especially their vaginas. When this happens the energy surrounding such beauty is one of restriction rather than abundance.

I believe that men at their deepest level appreciate the beauty of the vagina but also feel the restriction. If they are not fully secure they will react to this energy by becoming needy. This is where they affect the woman to further close down. She would feel the lack of ease in the man and not feel safe in releasing her beauty. Further whilst at one level a woman knows how beautiful her vagina is she also doubts the respect that such beauty is afforded.

This is where religion is relevant. I believe that God has been hidden to an extent behind control just as has access to a woman’s vagina. We seem to be encouraged to be separate from God and to be guilty and flawed. However if God really is self aware then how could he be hurt by humans. Further if a woman really is self aware how can she not bask in the beauty of her own sensitivity.

The answer could be that relationship is about communication and depth. That men and women and God and humans do need each other if relationship is ever to be eternally blissful. Whilst God may be pure and perfect would he really remember this in relationship if others do not acknowledge and respect him. Further whilst a woman may have the physical ability to sense touch deeper than men the way she is touched can take away the feeling of being gifted.

As it stands I believe that there is a massive gulf between God and humans and between men and women. This is no where more pronounced than in sex and how men and women view vaginas. There is much pain, confusion and vulnerability where there could be so much joy and empowerment.

For abundant beauty to enter the world of restriction I believe that humans must take the risk to feel rejected and to feel out of control. To really value the deepest of feelings and to continually move deeply into understanding rather than protection and control. The more we do this the more likely we are to realize our own beauty. In doing this to become secure enough to appreciate the most incredible beauty in others without having a need to possess it for our own salvation.

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