Fernanda- The Wisdom of Pain

- Monday, September 19, 2005
Sometimes I find myself laughing
Laughing at how God puts these tests in my way
How all my experiences seem to have happened to someone else before
I remember preaching to everyone about how I thought things should be done
Now I find myself in the same situations
And finding that sometimes things are not balck and white
All I know is that as long as we think about each other
As long as we try not to really hurt one another
Things in life could be a whole lot better
We need to realise that people all get hurt at some time
It's what we do with this hurt that matters
We could just be angry and want to pay everyone back
Or we could just be selfish and not really take the time to think about how we could use our experiences to change the way the next guy may feel in the same situation
We could make everyone's life who we came across difficult
We could do a lot of inconsiderate things
What I believe is remembering what it felt like each time we have been hurt, I mean really remembering then maybe we would not like others to feel that way
Just by being aware of things, by being aware of people's feelings and needs
We really could make the world a whole lot better
I would not change anything I have been through, I guess it has made my heart grow even bigger
It has made me a fighter who does not give up easy
And it has made me aware of other people and to be careful not to cause others pain
Of course I have hurt people sometimes and for that I am truly sorry
What I do know is that all I want to offer is a kind warm heart, soft understanding eyes and a great big smile
And hope someone will be smiling straight back at me

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