Depression - Illness or Gift

- Friday, January 06, 2006

There has just been a report of a Rugby League legend passing and his son revealing that he had suffered from depression. It has created much publicity and shock in Australia. People seem baffled how such a successful and strong man could be down. It has led to a debate as to if depression is an illness or a weakness.

I believe it is an illness only whilst it is not understood. The fact that it isn't understood this a weakness in itself??? If so is it a weakness attributable to the individual, the medical fraternity, the community or everyone?

Personally I believe that depression has it's links to the 6th sense and people's level of sensitivity to feeling it. I also believe that love is of the spirit and as such is also in our 6th sense. Funny how so few seem to fully understand love. Knowledge is the key and awareness to sensitivity I believe is the pathway to get there.

Feeling weak is not the answer nor are anti depressant drugs and traditional counselling in my opinion. I believe that everyone has part of the answer especially those who have suffered. However many of those who suffer are dis empowered by themselves, by the medical fraternity and by the community. They feel weak for not being normal...for having more emotions than others. As such they don't search their emotions and this creates fears many of which we leave hidden in our subconscious.

I believe that there is a gradient of sensitivity amongst humanity and that those most sensitive have a gift...a gift that they are born with and can never return. People with this gift are not satisfied by normal things. Money,fame etc don't necessarily appease them. They have a deep yearning for more. Far from feeling weak for this yearning I believe that these people should value their sensitivity and search their emotions openly. It is then that they will present true knowledge to themselves, doctors and the community.

If we don't search and instead hide behind walls of fear I believe we actually project the illness onto others, usually those most closely connected to us. How these others react to this ...with weakness and fear or strength of character and spirit will dictate if the illness spreads.

Once enough of these people push through the walls they will inject understanding into the community. Once understood the illness will be far less feared and sensitive people will become strong.

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